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Honeymoons & Anniversaries

If there’s one thing that every couple likes to reminisce, I’m pretty sure honeymoons will at least be in the top three, if not the top, of their list. And for a reason! Who wouldn’t want to be away from all the bustling busy city or demanding work responsibilities even just for a while?

I bet you agree! If for some reason while doing online research, you landed on our page while planning your future honeymoon (Congratulations!) or want to rekindle the days of how it feels, you’re in the right place! Organizing your honeymoon online can get very overwhelming, very quickly. So many options are out there and you’ll end up having more choices and you’ll be far from finishing your itinerary. With the Love Voyage, you’ll get the insight that no other travel agent will ever give. Everything will be laid out and we’ll be human system that filters everything you don’t like and sort the packages, hotels, activities that suits you both. Love Voyage has the our-services and knowledge to create a memorable honeymoon anywhere in the world whether it’s Jamaica, Aruba, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, or Fiji.

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to learning about the client– what their needs are and the budget they have before proposing a destination. Our goal is to give the client an unforgettable our-services that they will be talking about for years to come.
With the relationship, we’ve built with resorts, you’ll also receive extra perks and welcome gifts– I won’t tell you that it can be a free bottle of wine, chocolates, and a full body massage so it’s a secret 😉

If you’re interested or at least just want to talk about your plans, contact us and say all your wants and needs when it comes to your honeymoon or anniversary. Share comfortably cause after booking with Love Voyage, you’ll gain more than just a friend, but a family! Talk to you soon!

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