Giving Back

The Love Voyage is actively involved in community events and charity organizations.


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We are proud sponsors of The Hearts Of Youth Foundation which is a non-profit organization that was founded by The Love Voyage director Melissa Britton in 2015 working side by side with organizations such as The Salvation Army. The Hearts of Youth Foundation plays a massive role in financially supporting children of Jamaica with the essentials, shelter, and education not to mention the rebuild of orphanages such as The Salvation Army Nest house.

We like to pride ourselves in giving back therefore we love calibrating with local businesses and charity organizations.
If you have an event or golf tournament and need a sponsor then I suggest getting in touch with us as we would love to help!

Every booking to Jamaica that the agency books we contribute $5 from every room booked towards ‘The Hearts Of Youth Foundation’ Christmas party that takes place each year for children in local orphanages.

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