Family Vacations

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Family Vacations

It is no doubt that family vacations are one of the many things that strengthens your bond as a family. Going to amusement parks, swimming at the beach, climbing mountains or even a simple visit to a museum will surely be remembered by your kids and at the same time, parents can get a breather from responsibilities–both work and family ones.

With all the stress life gives us, sometimes all we need is a well-prepared plan for the family to enjoy. Love Voyage is an expert in this area! Being able to plan out hundreds of family vacations, we are able to distinguish which hotels and packages suit each type of family.

While the kids are busy playing in large splash pads, kids club, and gaming rooms, you can enjoy their time alone and get some massages! With our connections in various hotels, we can even give you a great deal better than what hotels give. This way you get the same package for less! and might even include some freebies on the side.

If you’re looking to have a more adventurous time with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, or an exciting country-hopping journey in Europe, Love Voyage can also set that up for you!

Gather your kids and let’s all plan your fun-filled trip. Contact us for more details.
(Group rates may also apply)

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