Group and Corporate travel

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Group and Corporate travel

Whether you belong in a company that’s expanding or in a group of friends that’s planning a weekend getaway, we got you covered!

Save time and money by letting Love Voyage negotiate rates for you. Most hotels, cruise lines, airlines, and tour operators offer a group rate which can save you up to 25% plus give you free travel.

We partner with big companies such as Trafalgar Tours & Goway but if nothing tickles your fancy you could try one of our in house guided tours anywhere around the world.

With our years of expertise, we can arrange everything from your departure to arrival. We have been organizing corporate travel since 2008 for clients all over the world. Give yourself some peace of mind and let us handle everything. Why don’t you call us for a no-obligation meeting to see how much we can save you financially on each group and corporate trip ;)?

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